Sitting in the gorgeous Boston Public Library, after 4 long ass days of conferences between HYPERGROWTH by Drift, and INBOUND by Hubspot.

Feeling pretty overwhelmed with the fact that my marketing department (and company as a whole) could do so much better in every single thing we are currently doing. But that's why I came here, to learn and come back with things to optimize.

You can find all my notes to the talks I attended here

Stuff I'm interested in now

Watching - El Gran Tio Simón

Listening to - James Brown, absolutely anything by James Brown.

What I'm reading and why 

The Tipping Point - Malcom Gladwell

Recommended to me by someone way smarter than I am. I could recommend this to absolutely everyone I know. The author goes into great and compelling detail explaining why certain things or trends become mainstream, citing dozens of case studies ranging from the resurrection of Hush Puppies shoes to suicide epidemics in Micronesia.

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