Launching my first podcast! And it's about marketing. Go check out:

Stuff I'm interested in now

Watching - The Messiah on Netflix. It's a current day interpretation of what it would be like if a Jesus-like Messiah was walking on earth today. It has incredible cinematography and tight scripts.

Curb your Enthusiams on HBO. Larry David is the undisputed king of sitcoms and I will watch whatever he touches.

Listening to - El Michels Affair - I can't believe it took me so long to bump into his music and I became an instant fan this week. Funky instrumental music, and producer for the Wu-Tang Clan.

What I'm reading and why 

This is Marketing by Seth Godin.

Seth is the godfather of modern digital marketing and even though I'm only halfway through this book, I've highlighted more lines than I can remember in past books. Marketing today is incredible and if done well it will reach those that need it the most.

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