My notes at HYPERGROWTH + INBOUND 2019

A couple of months ago I got the opportunity to go to Boston for INBOUND, HubSpot’s (gigantic) annual convention for digital marketing and sales. I arrived a couple of days before the event started, and went out to meet with my (super talented) friend Gonzalo who happens to work for DRIFT, he tells me that they are also hosting a marketing and sales event called HYPERGROWTH, then hands me my ticket.

That trip ended up being an intense week of learning and growth, hearing talks from:

- Daniel Meyer, CEO at Union Square Hospitality Group (a.k.a Shake Shack).

- Leela Srinivasan, CMO at Survey Monkey & LinkedIn. 

- Anita Elberse Prof. at Harvard Business.

- Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketing leader.

- Jen Rubio, Founder of Away Luggage.

- Sarah Blakeley (Founder and CEO of Spanx) & Jesse Itzler (Entrepreneur + NBA Franchise owner + ex rapper?) 

- Emily Haahr VP of global support @ Hubspot

- Jordan Pritikin head of email marketing @ Hubspot

- Gabriela Pereira 

- A lot, a lot more.


You can find all the notes here:

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